TGC 2019 - Uneekor Edition - The Golf Club 2019

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The #1 Golf Simulation Software with loads of pre-designed courses and online play QED Edition - works just for the QED Golfsimulator.

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The #1 Golf Simulation Software with loads of pre-designed courses and online play.

The most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator software available on the market today. The software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.

Using your own clubs, you set up to hit the shot just as you would on a real course. The next generaton gaming software allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole. Experience your draws and slices just as in real. After every shot the simulator flies, in impressive graphics, along the ball’s trajectory to where the ball ends, ready for the next shot. Detailed swing analyzer info is provided to improve your game.

Design a new golf course with just 4 clicks or use your creative skills and imagination to create something from scratch using the included golf course designer.

Feel yourself at the golf course!



1] This software is NOT compatible with Foresight GC2.
2] SkyTrak users need to order from SkyTrak directly.
3] R-Motion users need to buy the full version through the R-Motion app.
4) For Pro Tee System please contact Pro Tee United

The Golf Club Simulator Features

Visually stunning HD graphics upto 4K
Unlimited golf courses
Widescreen Ultra HD
Fully featured course editor
Create, edit and share golf courses
Zero load times between holes
Free Real time Online play
Live Tours and Tournaments
Real Life Physics
Free product life time updates
Free remote installation support

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